Videos for Musicians

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They remain my favourite genre to create, as they are where I began learning to film. I have a steady team of impeccable sound engineers that I work with for live captations.

Still Shot of Matinda Kamuena in our latest session.

Cape Cartel

Montreal, Québec, 2018

Studio session video produced as a collaboration between myself and Richard Bastarache.

Filmed by Liana Paré and Richard Bastarache
Edited by: Richard Bastarache

Ol’ Savannah

Montréal, Québec, 2015
Narrative Music Video

Tasha Zappala

Melbourne, Australia, 2016

Artistic Music Video


J.P. LaChapelle

Montréal, Québec, 2015

 This clip showcases the recording environment. Watch J.P. LaChapelle and guitarist perform their rendition of Matthew Good's ''Apparitions'' in Studio.



Runebilly Rattle

Adelaide, Australia, 2016

This Live Music Session was filmed and recorded in the spastic beauty of the Adelaide Hills. The setting lent itself perfectly to their hand made instruments. Enjoy the raw nature of the 5 piece band as they wail out an ancient favourite.



 Kris Begg

St-Henri, Québec, 2015

This video includes a short documentary portion in which the artist makes an honorable mention . Enjoy the honesty as he performs an original song in one of the falling landmarks of his community.